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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to list my services on Elite MassageUK?

Yes, it’s free, but exclusively as an additional service for those subscribed to I Love Massage. To benefit from a complimentary listing on Elite MassageUK, consider joining as an Elite, Exclusive, or Prime massage therapist on I Love Massage.

How do I create an account on Elite MassageUK?

Creating an account on Elite MassageUK is simple! All you need to do is join I Love Massage as an Elite, Exclusive, or Prime massage therapist. Once you’ve subscribed to I Love Massage, our team will create a stunning ad for your massage services on Elite MassageUK. It’s that easy! Join us today and let your massage practice shine.

What is the process for posting an advert on Elite MassageUK?

To post an advert on Elite MassageUK, the first step is to create an account on our partner website, Once your account is set up and your profile is complete, your advert will automatically become visible on the Elite MassageUK website. Please note that your advert may take up to 48 hours to appear on our site. This time allows us to ensure that all advertisements meet our quality standards and guidelines for a seamless and professional experience.

How long does it take for my profile to go live?

Typically, your profile takes up to 48 hours to go live. This timeframe ensures that all profiles are reviewed thoroughly to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and quality on our platform. However, we recommend allowing extra time beyond the 48-hour window for any unforeseen delays. This approach ensures that your profile is presented best, aligning with our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

How will my listing be displayed on Elite MassageUK?

The display of your listing on Elite MassageUK is directly influenced by the type of subscription you have on We offer a range of subscription categories, including Elite Therapists, Exclusive Therapists, Prime Therapists, and Premium Therapists. Each type has its unique features and positioning on our site. Your listing’s visibility and prominence will correspond to the specific subscription tier you choose, ensuring it effectively reaches the appropriate audience. This tiered approach allows you to select the option that best suits your needs and goals, maximizing your exposure and client engagement.

What is the fastest way to contact Elite MassageUK?

For quick responses, please use the contact form on our website. We strive to reply promptly to all inquiries.

Why was my account blocked?

Accounts may be suspended for violating our Terms and Conditions. Please adhere to our guidelines and use our platform responsibly to avoid this.

Will my email address be visible on the site?

No, your email address will not be visible. All communications through Elite MassageUK are conducted via our secure messaging system to protect your privacy.