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Content and Photo Upload Guidelines for Elite MassageUK

Welcome to Elite MassageUK! To ensure our platform remains professional and user-friendly, we’ve established guidelines for content and photo uploads. Your adherence to these standards is essential in maintaining the quality of our community.

Professional Presentation:

  • Quality Photos: Upload high-resolution photos in professional attire to best represent your services.
  • Face Visibility: Ensure your primary photo clearly shows your face for authentic connections.
  • Showcase Your Space: Include images of your massage space or studio to enhance your listing.
  • Preferred Formats: Upload photos in portrait (taller than wide) or square format for optimal display.
  • No Explicit Links or Numbers: Avoid including links or numbers related to explicit content.

Prohibited Content:

We are committed to a respectful, professional environment and strictly prohibit the following:

  • Inappropriate Content: No explicit, intimate, or provocative photos.
  • Illegal Implications: Photos suggesting criminal activity are forbidden.
  • Unprofessional Imagery: Avoid photos with unprofessional attire, settings, or poor quality.
  • Third-Party Inclusion: Only include images of yourself or colleagues in a professional context.
  • Inappropriate Filters: Refrain from using filters or uploading low-quality images.
  • Copyright Infringement: Do not use images you do not own or have rights to.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to photo removal or profile suspension. Repeated violations can result in further actions, including profile termination.

Your Role in Our Community:

By following these guidelines, you contribute to a safe, positive experience on Elite MassageUK. We value your cooperation in upholding these standards and ensuring a respectful environment.

Thank you for your commitment to professionalism on Elite MassageUK. Together, we can create a thriving community for massage professionals and clients alike.